AirPlay and ChromeCast

Hi experts,

I’m trying to add AirPlay or ChromeCast onto kaltura player on browser.
It looks likely to be realized but I can’t find the details how to do.

Could you tell me any good way and information?
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AirPlay is supported only when using the Kaltura native app SDK for iOS.
Chromecast is supported on all web platforms. You can check the configuration in this demo page:

Hi amir,
Thank you for your reply!
I can check the Chromecast demo in the page you sent.
It works on chrome browser. ( but doesn’t work on safari…)

I read the below slide (Page.7) and I thought AirPlay is supported on browser.
After all, is there no way to airplay on browser on PC or iPhone?

Safari do not have a Chromecast plugin so you can’t run Chromecast under Safari.
AirPlay can be used on iPad if you set the UIVar EmbedPlayer.NativeControls to true.
iPhone supports AirPlay as it always uses the device native video player.
On iOS9 AirPlay API support was added so we will add the ability to use it from within our player soon.

Hi amir,
I understood very well. I’ll try to set the UIvar EmbedPlayer.NativeControls.
Thank you so much!

Hi @amir_chervinsky1
What about AirPlay mac/Safari support. I think that other players (youtube/vimeo) has this option.


Hi @oferc1,
I’m not aware of AirPlay support from YouTube / Vimeo websites, only by purchasing and using a dedicated app:
You can always mirror your Mac to an AirPlay device using the AirPlay widget on your Mac toolbar.

Hi @amir_chervinsky1,

The following images were sent by my client, who claims it possible:

Thanks for the input. Currently we do not support it. I will send this info to our product group so they can decide when this is going to be added to our player.