Advice & Support requested (paid assignment) - Kaltura CE 13.11 update or migration to 16.5/latest

Hi there,

we are currently in the process of upgrading our existing Kaltura CE 13.11 version and running into installation and compatibility issues. We are looking for an experienced Kaltura engineer to support our administrator.

Here’s some info upfront to our installation/project:

  • Kaltura is installed in a server cluster on our client’s premises.

  • We have a separate demo/staging system where everything can be tested before deployments to the production system are made.

  • Installation runs on CentOS

  • All data, settings and configurations must be preserved (and/or be migrated properly and lossless) during the update process, i.e. entries, IDs and additional data, players and playlists, flavors, transcoding settings, users and roles, statistics and so on - everything.

  • Update completion on production system is scheduled for mid November latest.

  • Ideal update strategy needs to be discussed: Clean install & migration of all data VS. Update from 13.11 to 16.5 / latest.

  • Budget and daily rates will be discussed once offers are in and the our problems have been layed out.

We hope someone here is willing and able to help us out. The problems we run into just don’t seem plausible to us so we count on you. The range of your services can reach from some remote calls (zoom, google meet, etc.) to maybe some more practical interventions.

We look forward to talk to you. Please reply here when interested

Thank you