Admin Console's Session Expiries In 1-2 Mins

Hello all,

When I log in admin console and try to spend time on there, after some time, my session expiries and I am redirected to login page. What does cause this? Firstly, I tried to improve apache’s performance but it did not help. Then I thought maybe if I write a php file that reloads session every 30 seconds(because my session expiries in 1-2 mins), the problem would be solved. What do you think? Is there anybody to help me on this?

Edit: Forgot to write something. I have 3 server. Probably, when the network traffic goes other server, my session is logged out. I solved it by editing hosts file. However, I don’t want to solve it with editing of hosts file. When the network traffic goes other server, my session should not be ended.

What are you using for reverse proxy / load balancing?

Seems like a load balancing algorithm that makes you hit the same server every time would be the way to go.

In Haproxy, for example, you could use balance source for admin backend which would make you end up at the same server as long as you do not add or remove a server to the pool.

Ok there is no problem atm. Thanks