Adding link overlays for Educational purposes

I see that Kaltura offers link overlays for monetization (VAST - DoubleClick) but does Kaltura provide link overlays for Educational purposes?

I would like to use overlay links to enable students to click and view related material (instead of products/advertising) to better understand what is being discussed/demonstrated in the video at that time then return to continue viewing the video once they feel they have a better understanding of the concept. e.g. Instead of click to “buy” they would click to “learn”.

This mockup I’ve created in Youtube might explain it better:

If you look at the screenshot of my Youtube Annotation screen, the link takes you to another page where you can learn more about using a glucometer. (i.e. Just-in-Time learning for video playback.) In the timeline you can see I have multiple annotations throughout the timeline.

If Kaltura would like to run a pilot, I’d be happy to participate.

Peter Bright
Online Curriculum Co-Ordinator
School of Medicine
Deakin University, Australia


I believe what you’re looking for is:

And here is code demoing that capability:

You may also be interested in Call To Action Basic Buttons

Hi Jess,

Note: I’ve edited my original post and added a picture and demo Youtube clip since your reply.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond and thanks for these links.

Yes, I have seen the quizzing feature but this is different from what I would like to achieve as I want to have a button(s) appear similar to the ‘call to action’ buttons but at different cue points along the video.

The quizzing feature certainly has button overlays, I’d want the button(s) to appear while the video is playing and not in the centre of the screen, so the viewer can continue to watch the video and ignore the buttons/links if they want to.

The solution I am after would combine the option of having multiple cue points with buttons linked to educational online resources, e.g. webpage, video, image etc.

Hopefully the demo Youtube clip I added above will show this better.
In my Youtube clip I placed the first link in the top right hand corner but this could have been at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks again Jess :wink: