Adding Custom Styles via UIVars in Universal Studio

I am trying to change the border color of the CSS class “” using UIVars, but am having trouble finding any documentation on adding custom.

The CSS should look something like:

a:focus,a:hover { color:#2a6496; text-decoration:underline } .btn-link:focus,.btn-link:hover { color:#2a6496; text-decoration:underline; background-color:transparent { { border: 2px solid #2EC7E1; margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px; }

I would like to do this with an inline styles without having to link to an external style sheet. If only one class can be changed “” is the most important.



My CSS styles were truncated, but I’m asking how to change the active border color around thumbnails in the playlist.

Did you try this page:

There is no way around using a custom CSS file and assign it to the playlist properties.
Please take a look at this demo page (you don’t need to change the template path, only the CSS):