Add purge files on delete to Kaltura v5


Is it possible to just add the “purge files on delete” functionality to kaltura V5?

I know there is a line in the permissions table in the new kaltura versions but I’m sure there are more things to add…

Hi @benny_1,

I wouldn’t invest time in trying to backport this feature.
CE 5 is quite old and is not supported by us for years now. I highly recommend that you upgrade instead.

I have managed to migrate the entries from CE5 to CE12 just by copying these tables content:


I just needed to adjust the kuser id and the flavor params ids

it worked fine just one thing:

when deleting an imported entry, their files did not delete from the server even though “purge on deletion” was checked.

maybe I forgot to migrate something?

regarding the purge on delete, it was a directory permission thing