Add and edit encoding flavours

Is there a way to edit the parameters of encoding flavours or add new ones?

I’ve uploaded a video of 3454 X 2304 and it seems the best flavour I get in the player window is a 1080p @ 4Mb/s.

Hello @ArneWeise,

Please see How to create customized transcoding profile?

This covers adding new flavour params but you can use flavorParams->update() for editing the existing ones as well.

Awesome! I will give that a try.

Lets say I add a 2560p profile and the upload a 1080p file, will it stop at 1080p or will it continue trying the 2560p profile and up scale the video?

I also noted that in order for the player to give you a flavour “higher” than 1080p one also has to modify 2 js-files containing the following functions getShortTitle() and getSourceSizeName(). I had to add conditions at the end of the function to take care of the hight flavours.


Could this perhaps be included in the source, so it stays upon update?