Account Templates

Is there any way to create new user/account ( like kaltura 20, 50 , etc ) templates that include storage and bandwidth limitation ?

Jacob R

Hi @razvan_iacob,

These are defined here:

And used here:

Where there also constants corresponding to the numbers in the XML, so for example:

                <name>Kaltura Free</name>

Corresponds to:


These are then looked at in several places in the Admin Console code, for example in:

As well as in pieces of the KMC code, and in /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/apps/kaltura/lib/myPartnerUtils.class.php

I suppose the easiest way to track down all the relevant places is to check where the constants are used with:

# grep PARTNER_PACKAGE_FREE /opt/kaltura/app/* -r

Hope that helps,

Basically what I tend to do is create a template or two that has limitation on storage and bandwidth utilization, to use instead of the templates that the platform has in place with simultaneous videos transcoded ( Kaltura 20, 30, etc ). What would be the best way to achieve that ?

Jacob R.