Access restrictions by domain

I am interested in using the Access Restriction by domain but I’m not sure if I can make it fit my scenario.
I have several domains in my corporate intranet that I want to enable playback from. but I also want to enable playback from a Mobile App that is used outside the corporate firewall (on our employee’s smartphones).

So what about whitelisting my intranet’s domain (our hostname in the URL) and also the App ID in the for of “” as is the standard in the AppStore? Has anyone faced a similar scenario?

Hello @new_media,

Domain restrictions allow you to define a “white list” of domains that allow only playback attempts of content placed on these domains to be granted. So, if I understand your scenario correctly, if you add all the domains where you intend to place pages with the player embed, you should be fine.
Please look at for further reading.

Thanks, but what about mobile apps?
What would be the “domain” to use if I want videos to show both in the website and also in a mobile app (public)? That’s why I mention the App ID as a possible “domain”

Sorry, I managed to miss that part, my bad.
I will look into for you since that’s less my area of expertise… I am a backend engineer, you see:) Will consult our mobile development team about that and get back to you.

Hey @new_media,

Since our mobile SDK is based on HTML5 player, the moment you attach Access Restriction (e.g geo restriction) on our configuration it will be activated on mobile SDK automatically.

As you know we develop mobile Player SDK if there are some restrictions you want to attach to your app as an app owner you can do anything you want.


cc @jess, @oren_melamed , @itay_kinnrot

Ok, so I have a website “”.
I add Access Restrictions to that domain, but users can also see the news via my publicly available App.
Will the videos stop playing in the App because they are not embedded in “”?

Hi @new_media,

After further looking into it, I believe the best thing for your use case is to restrict viewing by KS [Kaltura Session].
In the access control profile, you will see an option called “Advanced Security & Pay-per-view” and right beneath it "Secure viewing of this video with a KS"
You can read more about this here:

Hope this helps,