Access denied when clicking on My media in Moodle KAF

160804 Hi! Hope this is the correct thread, if not sorry for that.

When a Teacher Y in Moodle clicks the link “My Media” that person can not see his media. He can see and click the link “My Media” but nothing shows. The page shows “Access denied”.

In a Moodle privileges setup where the Roles “Teacher” & “Authorized user” both have “My Media” allowed checked)

And The Teacher Y only has 1 course in Moodle and has the role Teacher in that course.

Siteadmins can still see their “My Media” content. So can the Teacher Y if made siteadmin. Take it away and the teachers “My Media” access is gone.
So it should work?



I am running KAF Plugin in Moodle 2.8.9+ (Build: 20151113)

Kaltura release 4.0.08 for Moodle 2.8

Local Plugins
Kaltura Media Gallery - Version 2015122708
Kaltura package libraries - Version 2015122708
My Media - Version 2015122708

Any hint are appreciated!
Best Regard
Niklas Frost


This sounds like a known issue that is currently being looked at.
Please contact customer support so they can confirm and alert you when resolved.


Hi again Jess! Thx for swift answer. I have turned it to customer support but in vain so far.
Actually, there could be an error in the guide regarding the steps to make only Teachers able to see “My Media” link.
When You think about it, You are not in Your Teacher role in the instant you click on “My media”. Hence they will not be granted access to “my media” despite the fact that the guide instructed us the correct permissions. Basically we now think it is not possible in Moodle to make the Mymedia link in the navigation bar only visible to teachers. The scope for an authorized user(that maps to LTI LEARNER ) is System and Moodle do not know what role a user has - except an authorized user.

If above is wrong, plz tell :slight_smile:

Do You know how we would change the KAF-code not to show the link “Mymedia” in the navigation block?! That ought to be simple? No? MyMedia still need to work but not from the link in the navigation block.

Best Regards

Med vänlig hälsning Niklas

Hi @Frostflake,

I did some checking and I understand this is being handled via the support ticket you opened. You should be hearing back from our support department shortly.