A required parameter (url) was missing / Kaltura media Gallery do not show on some courses

Hi! Moodle 3.2 / KMS (moodle) version 5.63.15, build 0

We are getting this message in our KAF/Moodle installation when clicking on the Kaltura Icon in our TinyMCE HTML editor. This occur only in a few courses.

"A required parameter (url) was missing"
The popup BSE window do not show My Media content but instead the error message:

“A required parameter (url) was missing”

Same error another path to it

The Kaltura Media Gallery in the navigation do not show up in these courses either. If clicking on the link on the navigation link " Kaltura Media Gallery" under Current course it will give the same result at the first exampel:
“A required parameter (url) was missing”

Now. The problem is only on a small portion of our courses, on most courses it works well.

Any ideas anyone?!

Best Regards, Niklas

I know this post is old, but we’re running into the same issue. Did you ever find a resolution?

Hi @tpalaz

The kaltura plugin for moodle latest’s version is 4.2.8 and supports moodle 3.9 (LTS), 3.8. 3.7

release notes:

you can find the latest version of it here:

is the issue you are referring to also happens in these versions?