360 video support in Browser App is not working


I have enabled 360 video plugin in KMC and added tags for uploaded 360 video.
But, it’s not working in my desktop app in browser.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Hi @nikhil_waghaye, can you please add more details and a link to a test page.


I have the same issue - I am tryin gto enable 360 plug in but can’t find it anywhere to enable it. We just uploaded 360 and would like to test it before upload about 150 files of 360 of each room.

Where do I enable it?

The link to 360 is https://media.gallaudet.edu/media/360+of+Yoel's+Office/1_u3rwxiyw

@topazfae You can see a sample here: https://github.com/kaltura/mwEmbed/blob/2.71/modules/KalturaSupport/components/360/tests/360Test.html