Wowza Live-streaming Down?

Would love to know if Wowza users (NON transrating/transcoding) are experiencing Kaltura entrypoint connection issues, esp since the June 2 ver. 5.9.2 update and on the East Coast region?
This is a basic RTMP passthrough or cloud transcode single source stream.

We’ve had a couple 24/7 streams running for the last 18mon w/no changes to our system in the last 12mon and since refreshing the encodes last week we’ve not had any luck getting these back up. Entrypoint times out. However, I can stream directly from our Elemental. I.e., seems Wowza Specific, even from multiple servers.

We do have an open case (00254302), but would be great if others could contribute since this apparently isn’t an obvious issue to Support.

Thanks in advance!

Apologies for your difficulties. I’m glad you were able to meet with support on the phone and come to a resolution.