Wordpress Kaltura Plug in Improvements needed

I’m trying to create a ground swell among Kaltura clients that use the WordPress All in One Video Pack Settings plugin. I met with some Kaltura product managers at Connect in NYC in June. We talked about functionality and I showed them some of the areas where the plugin is cumbersome.
They all agreed the plugin needs some improvement and would look into it. Based on the squeaky wheel concept I’m trying to recruit reinforcements that agree with me. Here is some of the issues I have been in conversation with Kaltura about. Please sound off with your opinions and other suggestions. I think my main requests are easily doable if Kaltura makes them a priority.

• Search within plug in needed. I may have to click thru 113 pages to find a video
• Bigger window in plug in and KMC needed. Only 6 windows display before scroll kicks in.
• Edit metadata (at least description) within WP plug in. Now we can only change title.

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The plugin need a few options. I notice that when you use the plugin with a self-hosted install it does not change the KMC link to the new host. To allow easy login from the WordPress Dashboard. As previously mention it need a search option with multiple fields to refine the search. Like search by tags, date added, video name and published or unpublished. I am sure many other people can think of ideas of addtional features to enhance this functionally of the plguin. The shortcodes should be displayed as well.