Wordpress: All-In-One plugin problems

I have a client that wants to display a number of Kaltura-hosted videos on their Wordpress site. Unfortunately, the current Kaltura All-In-One plugin doesn’t work all that well.

1.) Despite having unchecked the various “sharing” boxes in the plug, the player still displays the sharing buttons in the player.

2.) I need to force HTML5 video, and see references to that toggle (mw.setConfig( ‘KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5’, true ) but I don’t see any way to enable this in the All-In-One plugin.

3.) The Kaltura player that launches via the WP plug is rife with links to Kaltura’s products and services. Also no way to address this without going into the Kaltura code itself. Very very bad for SEO.

I get the general feeling that Kaltura isn’t paricuarly interested in updating or improving this plugin.

Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!


The wordpress plugin includes a settings INI file:
You can change it to use a diff uiconf ID and select the one for a custom player you designed.
If your site runs over HTTPs, I would also recommend
server_url = "https://www.kaltura.com"
cdn_url = “https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com

As far as improving the plugin, it is a FOSS project licensed under AGPLv3. I would love to get pull requests from you if you have improvements for it:)

Ach, - thanks. I naturally just went to the WP editor for the plugin, and of course, the settings.ini file isn’t listed. So, that’s a problem right there, in terms of usability, I would think.

I had a look at the API docs, and it appears a bit confusing to me, in terms of how to manipulate the various parameters in the settings.ini file. There is nothing I can see that directly addresses editing that file. I would love to see a complete list of parameters with maybe a line or two of specific examples.

Another real issue for me is that if you look at the WP plugin support page, there is hardly any activity at all - and very few replies to user queries in the past year. Never a good sign, IMHO. I guess my basic feeling is that this plugin has been more or less abandoned…

My client is actually trying to persuade the authors of the videos he wants to display to leave Kaltura hosting altogether and just go with either YouTube or Vimeo, as those platforms/players are far easier to manipulate. And he sees all of his competitors’ videos on those 2 platforms as well…