Windows support?

Hello there,

I am from China. And I now work on two schools for the moodle projects. as video management is very important part of the system, i have been searching for a good system for me to intall in the system and i encountered the kaltura. It seem that it can sovlve my problems.

I am quite new to this and i have a lot of questions to ask.

  1. if the 10GB service just for trial and deducted the amount every month and then no more such service any more or i can keep have it every month as long as keep the space under 10GB?

  2. If i use my own hosted server, can I install the kaltura on windows system?

of course, i have alot of more question to ask, as i never use linux before. I will have a lot of problems with this.

Thank you very much for your help.

Wu Yong


Not sure I understand the question about the SaaS trial, please re-iterate.
As far as Windows is concerned, no, Kaltura is only supported on RHEL or Debian based Linux distros.