Why are there not more videos on how to setup Kaltura Software


I just installed Kaltura on my sever and still not sure what to do next. I know i need to get access on the domain level but not sure how to do that. I have been reading the docs but with all the fancy tech language its hard to make sense of it all.

So i went to look for a video thinking surely a company that is based on videos will have tons of videos on “how to” setup the software . But what i found was very little regarding the initial setup. I found a bit on using the software but it seems that it has gone from first base to third base, what happened to second base? :slight_smile:

So i am sitting here with the software installed on my host but what to do now. My intention for the domain is to simply show youtube vids and also allow people to upload their own vids. I also like the fact that this comes with ffmpeg as i did not want to have to install that monster myself. However right now i am totally lost as to what comes next. I have no clue what i need or how to get there at the moment but ill keep digging till i find out.

Kaltura can you please do a video on what to do after you install? The options for setup, getting the software to work at the domain level. There are videos on how to use the software but there is nothing that i have found that tells you what to do between installation on the host server and opening the webpage. Can you please do a video or documentation on that particular area.

It seems the docs have been written for the video gurus that know the tech terms but not for those that just want to have a nice video site but are just starting out and very green.


OK i think i misunderstood, i thought that Kaltura was an all in one project, including the source, plugins, and the basic website, that was my impression from the videos. But now after reading a bit it appears i was wrong, and that Kaltura is just the tools and the source only sitting on the server just like ffmpeg does. And you have to build the website in the domain and call on the tools as you need them.

Its nice to have the tools, but i had not planned on building the site from scratch, i can but i didnt want to at this time. I hope there is an open source video website software out there that has a kaltura plugin with it, otherwise i will just be using the ffmpeg part of this and nothing else. Seems i may have installed something that has much more power and features than what i need now.

Rats, i really thought it had the domain files with it… :frowning: