Where is media entry located?

Hello .
I have recently installed kce and i got some questions though .
1Where media entries are located on the disk?
2While i have multi directories contains sub dirs and another sub dirs which each might contain some media files as a path for the drop folder .i get an error “failed file naming convention error …etc” and not able to import any media . Am i doing it wring is there a way to bulk import media with in some sub directories?
3 i guise we all know about the media packager kaltura vod modul where we can have one hls link for some resolutions. That can be played with any player supports hls playing.Now with kce suppose i had an entry with some resolutions and captions is there a way/api where i can similarly have an hls link contains the resolutions?
Basically i need to be able to use the same media for the web tp be played by kce player . And for mobile with my custome player with has hls/rtmp play capabilities .am i asking right?
Thanks .Happy new year;)

Hi @s.u,

RE #1: go to Admin Console->Batch Process Control and input an entry ID into the search box.
This will show the entire ingestion flow.
You will get an indication of the final status for each such job, including the flavour conversion jobs. It will also specify the location for each flavour, including the source, on the FS.

RE #2: sorry but I don’t understand the question. Please reiterate explaining exactly what you’ve done, what you hoped to achieve and the exact error you got.

RE #3: the kaltura-nginx package is compiled with the Nginx VOD module and Kaltura CE relies on it to serve content using HLS [DASH and HDS are also supported by the player asks for an HLS manifest by default].

When installing the kaltura-nginx package as part of a Kaltura Server deployment, the VOD module is already configured to work in “mapped” mode against the Kaltura Server so no manual configuration should be necessary. The VOD module will get all the flavours [what I believe you call ‘resolutions’] from the Kaltura Server and generate an HLS manifest which will then be served to the player.

Captions are supported and can be added by going to KMC->Content->Entry drill down [click on the entry’s name]->Captions.
You can upload captions for multiple languages. To display a caption selector in the player, go to KMC->Studio->Your Player and search for “Closed Captions”. It will get you to the view where you can enable and configure the closed captions plugin.

@jess Thanks for the reply ,
i kept searching till i found that the media are stored under /opt/kaltura/web/content/entries/data …etc but i could not tell which file is which because the naming was random id’s instead of the file name i guise , can we have file name here ?
#2 as drop folder : while doing the configurations the path was for i.e /kaltura_media
which has
…etc each has deffrent media ".mp4 .jpg .srt "
then in my publisher account under drop folder i get the error "Faild to parse file name according to drop folder naming convention definition ."
WHAT AM I TRYING TO ACHIEVE HERE ? i ahve a folder full of media .mp4 .jpg .srt divided into sub folders so i could know which category they are ,and i wanted to use the drop fodler so i could import them all to as media entries where i can prepare them for Q#3.
#3 suppose i have an entry i already add captions and had the media transcoded into “Flavors” :smile: i can share single embded link to my website which all sound ok till , my mobile app is expecting a url of this format “http://example.com/hls/videos/big_buck_bunny_,6,9,15,00k.mp4.urlset/master.m3u8” is there a way where i can get this url for the media flavor’s of the entries i had .
#4 which i think it might be related to #2 is there a way where i can have separate fodder to store my media in case kaltura CE re install accrued .to have them safe separate i mean ,with nice structure of sub folders …etc.

Hi @jess
i been researching more and more , concerning point#3 i think instead of my own hls android player it would make a sense to use kaltura android player , i never left any single article online ,GitHub repo ,could not figure out how it works ,/integrate it with my KCE , specially the config part . WHAT AM I TRYING TO ACHIEVE HERE? my KCE has a lot of entries which i wish tto integrate in nice categorical way into my android app .