What should be the session privileges, if I want to retrieve all media entries?


$ks = $client->generateSession(

Previously, I set sessionPrivileges = ‘’, I am able to get 30k records.

After reading the doc
I set sessionPrivileges = ‘disableentitlement’, I am able to get 50k records, which is a big improvement.
Is there any setting that I can get all entries? I need to get 90k records.

Ref: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/kalturas-api-authentication-and-security

Hi @kenpeter,

Please see my reply here:

Also, you can use the following repo as reference:

Running accountdump.php will produce an XLSX with all the entries, or of entries matching certain criteria.
See https://github.com/kaltura/Kaltura-Library-Export-Excel/#configurations-and-running-the-script