We cannot get the list of category from the Kaltura CE v14.4.0

Hello, @jess

After upgrade our Kaltura CE cluster from v13.12.0 to v14.4.0, legacy KMC and KMCng cannot get the list of category.
In the legacy KMC, the category of entry is viewed in metadata edit dialogue.
But, the list of categories is not viewed.
In the KMCng, the category of entry is not viewed in metadata edit dialogue, and the list of category is not viewed.

Similarly, our plugins cannot get the list of category from the Kaltura CE 14.4.0.
But, these plugins can get the list of category from the Kaltura CE 14.1.0.

Recently, are API specifications about “category” changed?

Hi @t-saito,

No major changes were made to that service but if we were to make such changes, the API clients code would have changed accordingly and KMC would have worked:)

My guess is that it’s an issue pertaining to Sphinx. I suggest you start by making the category->listAction() call directly [using one of the clients or curl] and check /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log, /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_prod.log and /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_apache_errors*log for errors.

Depending on the errors you’ll find, you may want to reindex by running:

# /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-sphinx-reindex.sh

I also recommend that you verify Sphinx is actually stopped when invoking:

# /etc/init.d/kaltura-sphinx stop

You may have a zombie proc which would also account for the issue you’re having.

Hi @jess

I appreciate your kindly explanation.
After executing “/opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-sphinx-reindex.sh”, we can get list of category.

But, we have another problem.
We cannot use “Embed Code” and “Standalone Preview” created by the KMC and the KMCng.
The KMC and KMCng create the “Standalone Preview” URL.
But, web browser prints “timeout error” when we access to the URL.
And, “Iframe Embed” codes work well, but, “Dynamic Embed” and “Auto Embed” codes do not work.


Hi @t-saito,

Are these publicly accessible? If so, please provide sample URLs. Otherwise, all I can suggest is that you open your browser’s dev tools and check for errors under the “Console” and “Network” tabs as well as check the following logs:
/opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log, /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_prod.log and /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_apache_errors*log

Hi @jess,

Thank you for your help.

The legacy KMC creates correct “Standalone Preview” URLs, and these URLs use “https”.
But, the KMCng creates wrong URLs which use “http”.
I do not know configuration file(s) which we must fix.

Legacy KMC and KMCng have created correct embed codes after modify “loca.ini” and “base.ini”.
So, we can play our movie in web pages by embed these codes.
But, our Moodle plugins create unnecessary “flashvar” item in their embed codes.
Due to the item, in the Kaltura player embedded in the Moodle, error message “No source video was found” is displayed.
So that, we must modify our plugins in order to integrate our plugins and the latest Kaltura CE.