Vast XML parsing bug? - Prerolls/Postrolls



We are using the Kaltura API via cdnapisec.kaltura… and setting flashvars as follows:

vast: {
postrollUrl: “{MYADUNIT}&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1”,
numPostroll: 1,
postSequence: 1,
timeout: 4,
storeSession: false,
enableCORS: true,
loadAdsOnPlay: true,
skipOffset: 7,
unescapeAdUrls: false,
LeadHLSOnAndroid: true,
LeadWithHLSOnFlash: false

In the Vast XML file provided by DoubleClick there are redirect urls to the ads video file in different formats like this:

The url works fine as it is provided and I can see the ad. But I guess somehow the API does a decode of %2F that can be found once in the url and the Kaltura Player therefore can not find the video file.

Is there a way to not let the redirect url to be decoded?