Vast XML parsing bug? - Prerolls/Postrolls


We are using the Kaltura API via cdnapisec.kaltura… and setting flashvars as follows:

vast: {
postrollUrl: “{MYADUNIT}&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1”,
numPostroll: 1,
postSequence: 1,
timeout: 4,
storeSession: false,
enableCORS: true,
loadAdsOnPlay: true,
skipOffset: 7,
unescapeAdUrls: false,
LeadHLSOnAndroid: true,
LeadWithHLSOnFlash: false

In the Vast XML file provided by DoubleClick there are redirect urls to the ads video file in different formats like this:

The url works fine as it is provided and I can see the ad. But I guess somehow the API does a decode of %2F that can be found once in the url and the Kaltura Player therefore can not find the video file.

Is there a way to not let the redirect url to be decoded?

Hello again

I am still facing this issue. It seems that the mime type is given in the URL like so …/video%2Fmp4/… Kaltura Video Player decodes that to …/video/mp4/…. that’s why the file can not be found. All other video creatives that are not hosted via DoubleClick don’t have an URL build like that and they are working fine. Is it necessary to decode the URL of the video file?

Thanks a lot