VAST wrapper issue


we have installed the latest version of Kaltura community edition and everything is working fine with the Player.
We’re facing an issue with VAST plugin: the tracking events included in the first vast wrapper have never fired, while the tracking events of the wrapper included into the first wrapper are all fired.

Is this a known issue or we’re missing some player/plugin configuration?


Hi Marco,

Are you using the HTML5 player or the Flash one?


We’re using HTML5.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Can you please send me the adTag URL you are using?

Hi Amir,

the vast URL i’m using is this one:

The tracking events for the first wrapper e.g. :// is not firing.
When the tag passback to another vast tag, then the tracking events pixels are fired correctly.

Here you can see a demo of the player: just scroll down a bit and it will opens.


Hi Marco,
I see that there are 4 nested levels (4 wrappers one inside the other) in the ad tag you are using. I can see the trackers from the inner 2 wrappers when using aour VAST plugin (the test page you send).
Testing the adTag in DoubleClick DFP ispector:
Here we see only the outer 2 wrappers trackers. I couldn’t get all the 4 wrapper trackers to fire.
My suggestion is to go with the DoubleClick implementation as this is our industry standard. You can easily implement it in your player: instead of using our VAST plugin, use our doubleClick plugin and set the adTag URL to the one you send me. The ad shows the the 2 external wrapper trackers fires. Please let me know if that works for you.


Hi Amir,

many thanks this is working fine!

  1. I test the doubleclick plugin on my installation with flash player and it’s working fine. here:

  2. i test the doubleclick plugin on html5 (i suppose) here:
    and it’s working fine

  3. i’m testing the plugin on my installation with html5 and it’s not working, that is strange.
    i also would like to trying override falshvars in runtime but not able to find the “path” on my adversver while these are the folders where doubeclick.swf is stored:

Any suggestion? The player is embended here:
Into the UI player configuration only the Doubleclick plugin is activated while i have de-selected Vast.

Thanks for your support,

Hi marco,
I see in you player embed page that you set the doubleClick Flashvar leadWithFlash to false. You can just set it to true or remove it and it should work. DoubleClick tries to load using Flash where available even in the HTML5 player.
Not sure what you are trying to change at runtime. Be advised that you can’t change the adTag URL at runtime. It must be set when the doubleClick plugin is initialise.

Hi Amir,

i have tried both on Kaltura Saas and on my installtion to activate the doubleclick plugin and add this ad tag URL: - directly to the player plugin UI configuration. in HTML5 version
In both cases, i will not being able to see the ads printed - while i can see with firefox that the tag is returning XML wrapper correctly.

My aim i sto get in working but i need to use flashvars because the ad tag url will change frequntly, so for example to add “adTagUrl” = $AdUrl
if i change $AdUrl with the above vast url provide, i can see wrapper xml loaded but never printed out, like you can check here with firebug.

Where i’m wrong with this code/player settings?

Thanks again,

Hi Marco,
There shouldn’t be any problem using a Flashvar for the adTag URL. When I took the same configuration from and put it in our test page - it works fine and I saw the ad. When inspecting this page ( ) I see some security errors (cross domain issues) in the console.

Hi Amir,

you’re right and working on it.
Thanks a lot.