V2ui and Bootstrap CSS

Greetings Kaltura users,

We currently use MediaSpace with a Bootswatch template (we’re still in v1 of the UI given a couple of concerns we have about the v2ui). The new v2ui interface does not display our custom metadata in an aesthetically pleasing way (nor does it display all of it) and we also have trouble with the filters. We also lose all the colors and formatting that we really like in our user interface. I do not believe Bootswatch will be enabled with v2ui, so we feel a little stuck at the moment considering the new UI does not handle our custom data well and it will change our the formatting and color fo our current interfact, which users really like.

Any suggestions on CSS templates in v2ui, or somehow maintaining our current look and feel in v2ui? How are the rest of you handling this switch? How does your custom metadata look?