Using Wowza for Live Streaming


I am attempting to integrate our Wowza server with Kaltura for some of the live broadcasting we do.
Currently, I have followed the instructions here:

But I feel I might have missed something. Are we supposed to install any of the Kaltura packages onto the Wowza streaming server, or just create the kLive application and copy over the .jar files for Kaltura?

I ask, because although I am able to publish RTMP streams to my kLive application in Wowza, I am unable to stream the full URL given to me from the KMC for the live event I am trying to create (Using Wirecast/FMLE). IE:
rtmp://mywowza:1935/kLive/?p=101&e=0_segetp9p&i=0&t=78480c9d – Is rejected by the Wowza Server, but

Is accepted. Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks!


Did you double check to make sure you did all the steps and created all the configuration files. In the instructions I didn’t clear documentation on adding the authenticated user or token that you are attempting to use in the first link. Make sure you have properly configured that token or user in the application xml file. Including the IP address and no other security is enable or missing proper configuration. Since you didnt post a copy of your configuration file I could not really tell you if that is the issue.

Can you please take a look at the logs on both Wowza and Kaltura and see what the cause of the failure is? should provide some leads…

Thanks for the suggestions HipHop, turns out I grabbed the admin secret out of my KMC, not the MySQL DB for the correct Admin Secret. Wowza now accepts the streaming URL from WireCast.

(Reference Here: Video Field Error)


Wowza has the stream, but I am getting an error on the Web server of:

 ERR: exception 'KalturaAPIException' with message 'Media server [mywowzaserver] not found' in /opt/kaltura/app/api_v3/lib/KalturaLiveEntryService.php:231
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: KalturaLiveEntryService->registerMediaServerAction('0_e7zxthgx', 'mywowzaserver', 0, '')

Am I supposed to point the red5 server entry in my answer files to the Wowza server now?