Using nginx reverse proxy with SSL termination

That is correct.

Be consistent with the name and use your /etc/hosts for letting Kaltura “find itself”.


Ok, so I found my problem! It turns out that for some reason my Lets Encrypt CA cert wasn’t included in the ca-bundle. So when it went to curl it gave an error. Initially I disabled this in the admin.ini, but realized that I could just add the CA cert in my ca-bundle file. And boom. It’s almost all working.

Now that I’ve gotten farther I can troubleshoot my next problem. My videos upload and transcode. When I hit play on short videos (about 10sec or less) they play just fine. But any video over about 20-25 seconds won’t play and the loading spinner just keeps going.

I’ll probably post about this as a separate topic as it seems my initial problems are fixed. I can even do a SSL config-all without the error I was getting before.