Using KMC without Flash

To use KMC you need to have Flash installed. Since support for Flash is becoming less and less, I would like to know if it’s possible to use KMC without Flash (in the near future)?


I am afraid at the moment there is no none Flash substitution to KMC.
However, everything KMC can do can also be done using the API and in fact, KMC also does things the same way, using the Flex clientlibs.
So, you can write your own interfaces using any of the API clientlibs to replace KMC functionalities.

In addition, there is the KMS [Kaltura Media Space] which is a propriety product, allowing end users to manage their content, that one is written in PHP [and JS] and does not require Flash. It does not provide the admin functionalities KMC provides but it does allow END users to do media upload and metadata editing operations.