Uploading Video With Unsupported Codec

We’ve ran into an issue trying to upload avideo to Kaltura’s servers. It appears the codec is not supported (Sorenson Video, Design) but we’re only alerted of this when we try to play the video in the player. At the moment we’re getting a 200 response when we upload the video using the REST API, indicating everything is fine, so we’re wondering if theres a way after uploading to know what the status code is.

Example of the video: http://www.steppublishers.com/sample-video
Codec used: Sorenson Video, QDesign


Yes, you can check the entry status and ensure it is set to 2, which means the entry is ready.
Of course, you will need to wait a reasonable amount of time since it takes time for the entry to finish the conversion.

Take a look here:


$version = null;
$result = $client->baseEntry->get($entryId, $version);
   echo "Entry is ready";

You can also look at:

This actually tests the return of a proper playManifest, which is as close a possible to testing the entry plays w/o actually using a player.