Uploaded file never shows in KMC?

I’m wondering what happens to files that are uploaded, but no KalturaMediaEntry (name, desc…), and no addContent() is ever called. They won’t show up in the Kaltura Management Console / Content tab.

I’m concerned that I have a number of them, and I’m wondering how they affect the amount of data I’m allowed to store in Kaltura. Is there a means of deleting them?

Thanks in advance,


Just wondering what happens to these files that are in limbo…

Hi @garberfc,

I presume this happened when experimenting with uploading via the API? Files are always uploaded to a tmp location, then the complete source file is set as the source flavour for the entry ID. You will not be billed if the source file you uploaded was not set as the source flavour of an entry ID that belongs to your partner. Orphan files are periodically removed, of course and unless the file was attached to an entry ID, it cannot be accessed via the API [and therefore via any of our web interfaces and or the player].

Let me know should you have additional questions,