Upload stuck in-queue, won't go in progress - Will Hire To fix

We have been using the Kaltura CE player for 5 years now without issue. Recently, when we upload files, they get stuck in “Verifying File.” When I look in the Admin Console, it says the files are “in-queue” but won’t move to “in-progress.” Can anyone help with this issue? We will gladly pay someone with knowledge of Kaltura to fix this issue.


More info is needed.
Which version of Kaltura are you using? what do you see in the error log?

I’m not certain what version we’re running. The log file says “Log file not ready.” We don’t have an internal engineer at this time who can debug this. It seems simple enough (isn’t everything?) but we’re willing to pay you to debug this issue for us if you can.

Hi @ron_reis, please contact us at info@panda-os.com and we can have a call and help out.