Upgrading the HTML5 library

I have downloaded (git) the latest html5 library to the server. What do I need to do in order to make it the default version for the server(I don’t want to upgrade, just replace the html5 library version)

  • edit the html5_version in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/local.ini
  • KMC_PATH=ls -ld $BASE_DIR/web/flash/kmc/v* 2>/dev/null|awk -F " " '{print $NF}' |tail -1
    edit $KMC_PATH/config.ini
  • run php $BASE_DIR/app/deployment/uiconf/deploy_v2.php --ini=$KMC_PATH/config.ini
  • reload Apache

I’m running v9.* so the config is in base.ini not local.ini.
Anyway after doing that new players still being created with the old version. Any other locations?

Did you make sure to reload Apache? also, did the deploy_v2 script end correctly?

I rebooted the server (to be on the safe side)
The script reported "Deployed successfully"
I do see that many new uiconfs were created (automatically) with the correct version.
Do I need to change something at the partner level?

You can just edit the relevant records in ui_conf. Change the html5 version column.