Upgrade html5 player version

In order to upgrade just the html5 player I need only to upgrade the package kaltura-html5lib ?
Will it be possible to revert if anything goes wrong?

Hello @benny_1,

While it’s possible to upgrade only the kaltura-html5lib package, I do not recommend doing so and I wouldn’t be able to support you should something go wrong.
If you choose to do it anyway, you’ll also have to update the version in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/local.ini and, if you’re still using the Flash KMC (you didn’t specify your Kaltura CE version so I have no way of knowing), you’ll need to update /opt/kaltura/web/flash/kmc/*$KMC_VERSION/config.ini as well.
Furthermore, you will need to update the configs of your existing players to point to the new version (that data is stored in the kaltura.ui_conf DB table).
Also, for better performance, I moved the package from /opt/kaltura/web (which, in a clustered ENV resides on NFS) to /opt/kaltura/apps.

If you were to make all these manual changes, they may also tamper with future upgrades.

Bottom line, I strongly recommend that you upgrade all packages. If issues arise, please post them and I’ll gladly guide you.