Updating NGINX Server Address


I wanted to update my nginx Server to use a new load balanced host name, but when I run the config-all scripts on my other cluster nodes with an updated .ans file, I’m still seeing it request the original hostname in my browser. Tried to clear my browser out, reboot front-end web nodes, but I’m still seeing the request go to the old NGINX server address. Any ideas?

Thought I’d take a poke around the in DB just to see if I could find something, and I think I did.

using the ‘kaltura’ DB, and selecting * from delivery_profile; I am finding the old URL and hostname for HLS, HDS, and DASH segmentation. Can I edit these manually, or is there a better process to take?

Thanks for the help!


Indeed, that is what you need to update.
You can run direct SQL update statements for it:)


That worked out great for me, thanks for the verification!

Just one other question, is there any place that has more in depth documentation on the various Kaltura pieces? I took a look through the github repo, and while the installation documentation is a huge help, I couldn’t find any more technical documentation on the various roles and how they work / integrate.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @siactive,

Happy to hear all is well.
This might provide beneficial:

If after reading that [there’s also a recording of a session given at Kaltura Connect], you have more focused questions, feel free to ask them here:)

Great, I will take a look at those. This forum has been a huge help.

Cool. Very happy to hear its been helpful.
Happy Kalturing,

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I have taken the survey, thanks for the heads up on it.