Unregistered Player events

So I currently have set up a player with a Google Analytics ID and see events being registered so it all seems to have gone as expected. Except that I see hits to the Video Page (where the player is) and there the player is set to auto-play so there’s nothing else the users have to do in order to watch the video and despite all this very few Events are fired. (in relation to the number of Pageviews)

Average time on page of over 2 minutes clearly means people are staying on the page long enough to watch a video.

But despite all indications “Play” events in Analytics are only a small fraction (around 1/10) of total Pageviews. So something clearly isn’t happening there.
Needless to say my tests go on fine I test going into a page and the Events just fire out correctly with both the HTML5 player and the Flash fallback player (for older browsers).

Has anybody seen a similar behavior? Are there any insights as to where to look for points of failure?