I am taking a class through and it says if I have questions to post them here, so here goes:
In the Captures Space video it says, "CaptureSpace makes it simple to create searchable, interactive videos that can be viewed on any device at any time."
How is it searchable?
How is it interactive?


CaptureSpace uploads the videos to the Kaltura Server. The Kaltura Server allows you to search through the video metadata [name, description, tags, captions, etc] as well as create custom metadata profiles if you need more customised metadata fields. Searches can be made from the KMC and Kaltura MediaSpace [KMS] as well as directly using the API so you can integrate these capabilities into your own applications.

If you’re interested in learning about our API, see and in particular, and

As for interactiveness, the Kaltura player has many interactive plugins, just to provide a few examples: the quiz plugin will allow you create quizzes to be displayed during playback [see demo here–+Settings/0_k6gt5uzg/4061861], you can also create call for actions [see demo here], for a short video about additional interactive features, see