Universal Studio shows 404 not found in CE

Hello all,

I have been experimenting with Kaltura CE for several weeks now. I have what I thought to be a successful deployment in an AWS EC2 instance. I have a single server install running on CentOS. I have gotten to the point where I am attempting to create my own players. When I navigate to the studio tab in KMC and click on “universal studio” I get a 404 not found error for /apps/studio/v1.9/index.html.

I found the /apps/studio directory on my server and it has a “v1.8.1” folder in it. I did attempt to rename that folder to “v1.9” and retried the link in KMC. At that point it just loaded a blank white page. I could use some help on how to go about making the universal studio work.

Thanks for your time.


The version you should have with 9.19.8 [latest version] is v1.9.1.
I suggest you follow the upgrade proc here:

Once aligned with the latest, if it still does not work, check the error logs and the JS console in your browser’s dev tools and paste here.

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Hi Jess,

That worked out great. Thanks for the easy fix. I am curious tho…

I did my install 3 weeks ago, why didn’t I get the latest versions at that point? Did I do something wrong with the install?

Thanks again,


Hi Ken,

It was a mistake on our end, the kaltura-html5-studio was not pushed along with kaltura-base at the time and then, shortly after it was pushed. I believe it was just around that time.

Anyhow, happy to hear you’re good.