Universal studio not visible


When logging in on our CE 11 kaltura install (KMC), we see all pages except Studio. We don’t get any errors in kaltlog, just a blank page. However; whn switching to another tab we very briefly see the page. Any ideas?


Can you check that the versions and URLs in /opt/kaltura/apps/studio/$YOUR_VERSION/studio.ini are correct?
If not, please fix them so they reflect the correct URL to mwEmbedLoader.php and have the latest html5lib version?
You can check the right version with:

HTML5_DIR=`ls -ld $BASE_DIR/web/html5/html5lib/v* 2>/dev/null|awk -F " " '{print $NF}' |tail -1`
HTML5_VER=`basename $HTML5_DIR`
echo $HTML5_VER

if my assumption is correct and that is the problem, edit the file and fix and then run:
# php /opt/kaltura/app/deployment/uiconf/deploy_v2.php --ini=/opt/kaltura/apps/studio/$YOUR_VERSION/studio.ini
and reload Apache.

Hello Jess,

You are the best! v2.36 installed, listed v2.35 in studio.ini. After executing your steps it works.

Again many thanks!



sorry I have same problem and I’m new on kaltura.

My version is 2.9 but I dont understand which file I have to modify … be patient with me :smile:


No problem. See answer in Universal Studio err 404 as this is a duplicate issue.
Also, not sure what you mean by “My version is 2.9”? the Kaltura server is of version 11.3.0 at the moment, the Studio is 2.0.2…

2.9 is my html5lib version.

Thank you again

Your HTML5lib should be 2.37.3 if you installed latest.
# rpm -q kaltura-html5lib

in any event, is the Studio issue resolved?


yes is it. But I dont understand what I have to do to activate Studio.

This is the message:
The requested URL /apps/studio/v2.0.2/index.html was not found on this server.

Did you upgrade to latest and run the config scripts like I wrote?
What is the output for:
# rpm -q kaltura-html5-studio


You need to follow my instructions here: Universal Studio err 404 and update it.

I followed that instructions


What are the contents of /etc/yum.repos.d/kaltura.repo?
Also, output for:
# yum info kaltura-html5-studio


URL: http://kaltura.org/

name = Kaltura Server
baseurl = http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/latest/RPMS/$basearch/
gpgkey = http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/RPM-GPG-KEY-kaltura
gpgcheck = 1
enabled = 1

name = Kaltura Server arch independent
baseurl = http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/latest/RPMS/noarch
gpgkey = http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/RPM-GPG-KEY-kaltura
gpgcheck = 1
enabled = 1


yum info kaltura-html5-studio
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

  • base: mirror0.babylon.network
  • extras: mirror1.babylon.network
  • updates: mirror.w2k.ch
    Installed Packages
    Name : kaltura-html5-studio
    Arch : noarch
    Version : v2.0.2
    Release : 1
    Size : 2.0 M
    Repo : installed
    Summary : Kaltura Open Source Video Platform
    URL : https://github.com/kaltura/player-studio/releases/download/v2.0.2/studio_v2.0.2.zip
    License : AGPLv3+
    Description : Kaltura is the world’s first Open Source Online Video Platform, transforming the
    : way people work, learn, and entertain using online video.
    : The Kaltura platform empowers media applications with advanced video management,
    : publishing, and monetization tools that increase their reach and monetization and
    : simplify their video operations. Kaltura improves productivity and interaction
    : among millions of employees by providing enterprises powerful online video tools
    : for boosting internal knowledge sharing, training, and collaboration, and for more
    : effective marketing. Kaltura offers next generation learning for millions of
    : students and teachers by providing educational institutions disruptive online
    : video solutions for improved teaching, learning, and increased engagement across
    : campuses and beyond. For more information visit: http://corp.kaltura.com,
    : http://www.kaltura.org and http://www.html5video.org.
    : This package installs the Kaltura HTML5 Studio.


I can see only flash studio. Universal studio is white

# rpm -q kaltura-html5-studio
now return v2.0.2? if not, then you still need to upgrade the package…
And, if yes, did you run kaltura-config-all.sh after updating?



and then kaltura-config-all.sh

with some error:
PHP Warning: Module ‘memcache’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/lib64/php/modules/memcached.so’ - libmemcached.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

now I can see Universal …

thank you a lot Jess

now I see for this php error

This error means that you have two attempts to load the PHP memcache extension in your PHP INIs.
One of the is successful, and the other, which is unneeded and is trying to load /usr/lib64/php/modules/memcached.so fails because /usr/lib64/php/modules/memcached.so relies on libmemcached.so.11, which does not exist.
You should:
# grep memcache.so /etc/php* -r
and find where this attempt is done and get rid of it.