Universal studio - cant select aspect ratio 4/3 for the html player

As in subject. Steps to reproduce it:

  1. in universal studio creat player with aspect ratio 4/3
  2. save
  3. go back to the kmc
  4. go back to editing player - aspect ratio will be changed to 16/9

aha can be tested here:

As you can see in the aspect ratio tooltip in Studio (roll over the little question mark), aspect ratio settings are for Studio previewing purposes only and are not saved with the player.
I know that this is confusing so on May 3rd, a new Studio version will be available with a fully functional dimension settings widget that will allow setting the player’s dimensions in pixels as well as its aspect ratio. So stay tuned…


great. thanks

one more thing, do you know how can i get the aspect ratio in code.
I would like to reach it in kmc.js class if it is possible

The aspect ratio itself is not saved in the player’s configuration. It is derived from the player’s width and height. You can always use jQuery to get the player’s iframe width and height and calculate the aspect ratio from it.
When writing custom plugins you have access to these dimensions directly.

As far as I know kmc.js is part of our KMC code responsible for the Preview & Embed screen as well as some other screens. Are you editing his code?

yes i am editing kmc because I dont like that generated embed code create player with the video not fitting to the player size - even when I set aspect ratio 16:9 and use video of dimentions 640x360 player shows video and black bars on the top and bottom. Sample: sample

could you tell me how to get this values using jQuery? i will probably need to get controlBarContainer as well to adjust the ratio according to the width of the controlBar and the information if controlBarContainer is hovering or not