Unable to see video preview when storage is Amazon S3 bucket with CloudFront CDN

I created a publisher, storage profile and delivery profile. When video is uploaded it goes to S3. However when I try to see video preview it fails with message “Media not found”. It looks like Kaltura is not getting reference of CloudFront CDN.

(P.S. Being a new user, I am not able to attach images ( listing all the settings that I have done) to this topic. Any other way to do the same?

Delivery Profile Details

- Status: Active
 - ID: 504
 - Name: Amazon S3
 - Type: HTTP
 - Streamer Type: HTTP
 - Url:http://d3emp4d35xbham.cloudfront.net/KalturaPartnerId_202
 - Recognizer: -
 - Tokenizer: -

Storage Profile Details

- Delivery profile ids (JSON):     {“http”:[504]}

URL from Review/Embed code

Can you describe your Remote Storage profile definition?
Als when viewing the movie you can use the “developer tools” on chrome to see which url the player tries to access

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