Unable to play any video using Kaluta Android Client

I have installed Kaltura CE 10.0.0 and I have installed the demo Android Client Application on a device.
When I login and select any of the video to play on the device, then application displays error Invalid Data format. Select Another!.

After debugging found that url passed to play the video is NULL and is not received from the Server.

Can some one please help me in finding out issue in the server which can cause this error?

After debugging I found that, there is call to service function listAllFlavorsFromContext as below:

FlavorAsset.listAllFlavorsFromContext(TAG, entryId,“widevine_mbr,widevine,iphonenew”);

Which returns 0 sized list as server fails to return flour of the video which is in


I checked for flavors of this entry ID and there are warnings displayed under Description for these flavors:

video warnings: 2107,288,2500#The target flavor bitrate (288) does not
comply with the requested bitrate (2500).; 2106,#Redundant bitrate.
audio warnings: 2106,#Redundant bitrate.

video warnings: 2112,ffmpeg-aux#The transcoder (ffmpeg-aux) can not handle this content.
audio warnings: 2106,#Redundant bitrate.

Are these just warnings or this flavor of the entry is not available because of these warnings? I see status of the flavor as Ready.

Every time I try to play the Entry from the mobile then it Request for a m3u8 file, server returns the master m3u8 file, but when client request for the sub m3u8 files then these files are missing.

Master M3U8 file is as below:


All the flavor ID mentioned in the master m3u8 file are present on the server but m3u8 file for that flavor id is missing. for example file flavorId/0_t1mxx2lw/index_0_av.m3u8 is missing.

Why these files are not generated, how should I debug that?