Trying to understand what Kaltura CE provides - I need a private server system

Trying to understand what Kaltura CE provides - I’m looking for a private server system

Can my logged in users upload short videos… then Kaltura converts it to web format while compressing it and makingg a thumbnail - and later I can serve the video back to my logged in users?
No CDN’s involved!
All privately hosted on our own dedicated server in one location.
Another server hosts the actual website.

Hello @scramble,

Kaltura CE provides a comprehensive, FOSS, platform for managing your media. That includes, though is not limited to, the core components listed in my reply here:

The uploaded source video files are transcoded into multiple “flavours”, optimised for different bandwidth conditions and devices. You can read more about that here:

We support several common CDN systems, including Akamai, AWS CloudFront and Level3 but such integration is not mandatory and the content can be served from a single instance or a cluster of CE nodes [recommended for redundancy].

We also offer an extensive API that you can leverage to build your own interfaces and integrations. For more info on that, see: