Trying to install lynx

I have a Debian Jessie server, freshly built. When installing kajam, I kept having nginx errors on install which it appears is fixed in lynx. I would like to install lynx fresh - is there a all in 1 installer for that? Should the all in one install lynx if I just change the repo in etc/apt/sources.list.d/kaltura.list? I thought I had it that way but when I ran the installer it seemed to revert that entry to kajam and install the older version.
Would appreciate any assistance.


Lynx is now the stable version and I’ve updated the script.
Since it is pulled from CDN, it may take a little while to propagate to all CDN edges. However, you can pull it directly from the origin:

Really the only different is changing ‘kajam’ to ‘lynx’ so you can edit the script manually as well:)

Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks for the very fast reply - should have looked at the script. Installing lynx now with fingers crossed!