Trying to create a player with go forward 10 seconds \ go backwards 10 seconds buttons on the player

I know I can do that with pressing keyboard right\left buttons but i’m looking for a button on the player.

Is there a way to do that with forwarding appropriate uivars?


Hi @yonihod199,

You can use:




This doesn’t help me at all,

As far as I understand this is a tool to create new clips from current entry (grab from x to y thing)


It doesn’t create a “clip” from the current entry (though Kaltura does have an API and a front end tool (which calls that API) that’s capable of doing that too). Using:

		kdp.setKDPAttribute('mediaProxy', 'mediaPlayFrom', $('#k-from').val());
		kdp.setKDPAttribute('mediaProxy', 'mediaPlayTo', $('#k-to').val());

You can playback parts of the entry by seeking to the mediaPlayFrom second and playing till the mediaPlayTo second. Also, see In that example, the player seeks to the 30th second of the video. Of course, the place to seek to is a param, as you can see in the embed code that page uses.