Transcoded file upload only

I need help regarding uploading all the pre transcoded files and get one video id which has all the uploaded files as the flavor so that I can skip the transcoding option from kaltura side? Is there any way for this using bulk upload or in folder upload?


You can create your own transcoding profile by going to KMC->Settings->Transcoding Settings->Add new profile.

You will then need to choose your flavor params. You can create custom ones to suit the pre transcoded entries you have by using the API, in which case this script can help you:

Or. by going to admin console->Developer->Flavor Params

Next, if you only have a few of these, you can go to KMC->Upload->Prepare Entry->Video Entry and create an empty entry. Then, under the content tab, click on the entry name and go to Flavors in the left tab, from there, you can select import on each flavor row and manually import the relevant flavor.

If you have a lot of these, I suggest you create a script that makes the same calls the KMC does for this flow by using of our clientlibs.
You can see a full list of clientlibs here: