The access to service [caption_captionasset->add] is forbidden..apiversion:3.3.0

Hi guys,
Contributor in the category which with entitlement(Privacy Context Label) can not add caption to the video by api with the session open by ‘User Secret’ after API version came to ‘3.3.0’, before that, all good.
And, the contributor is added by ‘categoryUser’ service with admin session too, no specific role.

So, can any body tell me what happened to the new version of the API, why it doesn’t worked.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


More info is needed:

  • Which server version are you working against? also, is this SaaS, CE, OnPrem?
  • Which API version did it work with and which is the current one you are using?
  • Please share the code you are running

After that, will be happy to help you further.