Test console upload api not functioning properly

Hi All,

I am facing a bad issue, I tried installing kaltura version 11.5, 11.2, and many more but facing a issue that i am able to upload a file from publisher console and is able to list the content. but whenever i try uploading file from test console API it uploads in /opt/kaltura/web/content/uploads but i can’t see it in content list from publisher GUI.


First and foremost, are you trying to login to KMC with the admin partner created during the install or did you create a partner from the Admin Console? if the first, then this is problem number one, you need to create a partner from admin console and use it in KMC.

If this is not the issue, please describe exactly what the action you are taking is and what happens.
This includes:

  • opening your browser’s dev tools and looking for errors in the Network and Console tabs
  • running:
    # kaltlog
    from the shell and looking at the outputted errors and then going to the logs under /opt/kaltura/log and looking at the lines before the actual errors to understand what caused it.