Studio/ Player Error

Indeed the problem was from my answer file… for some reason it had https and port 443 on it. Managed to install everything, i can access the plattform, everything seems alright.

OK, great.
Happy videoing,

Dear Jess,
I kinda got back to my original problem, VAST are now not working even in the studio, and even more some video do not play at all in the html studio player, but they do play in the flash player, also VAST does not work in the flash player as well.

Edit1: Seems i managed to resolve the VAST, they are working in the flash player now, but the html player won’t play some of my videos.

Hi @razvan_iacob,

# telnet 88
fails for me. Does it work from the machine you’re trying to play from?

Yes, i had… but afterwards we had to use the name somewhere else i just have it in the hosts file so that the servers do name resolutions.

this is the ip: does answer on TCP 88 but if that’s the IP you want to use then you need to modify the DB records in kaltura.delivery_profile accordingly.

The player must be able to access Nginx to fetch the manifest and segments.

I’ll run the commands myself, i have the cluster on vlan, they work internally on internal ip.

telnet 88
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

Yes but are you able to connect to on TCP port 88 from the machine where the player runs?

So the servers beween themsefls can access, you can’t from the outside, as it has limited functionality on external ip.

Yes i can telnet from my computer to 88

I understand, so can I. But you need to be able to access since that’s what the player is trying to connect to, on account of what you have set in kaltura.delivery_profile.
If you cannot, it will not work. You can change the delivery_profile records to use instead.

Ok, but why do the videos work in the flash players and not in the html…, anyway, ca you please tell me how can i change the delivery profile to use ?


The videos play with the Flash player because the Flash player [KDP] does not make use of the Nginx VOD module by default. It provides progressive HTTP playback, not HLS. The Flash player is legacy and we do not provide active support for it so I strongly recommend you avoid using it.

As for the delivery_profile table, simply update it so that all records that have in the ‘url’ and host_name columns will have instead.
So for instance:
should become:

Same for:

So basically i should find those in the hostname row, correct ?

Eidt2 : mysql> select host_name from delivery_profile;
| host_name |
| |
| |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| NULL |
| |
| |
| |
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)

This doesn’t look right… shoulldn’t it have a single entry?

Here i should just have, correct ?

As I wrote, both host_name and url columns should be modified.
And yes, you will have multiple records, for partner 0 alone [which is used for all partners unless there is an entry that has their specific partner ID and matches the requested delivery profile] there are multiple entries. That’s because we provide HLS, HDS and DASH. By default, the HTML5 player uses HLS for playback but this can be changed. According to your screenshot, it seems you configured your player to use DASH. At any rate, since none of these will work with you should replace them all with the IP. Note that the url column includes more than just the hostname and you should be careful to only replace the hostname and not omit the ‘/dash’, ‘/hls’,’/hds’.

Hi Jess,
I ended up installing phpmyadmin, are the modifications correct ?

Edit1: Yup it resolved the player thing. Thank you very much for your support Jess.

You’re welcome. Glad to hear we’re good.