Streaming for Mobile Applications

Hi everyone, thank you all in advance for any help provided!

I am developing a Flash AS3 iPad application that requires streaming of video from my Kaltura CE server. I tried to follow the steps to get the streaming URL but doesn’t seem to work at all. Can anyone point me in the correct direction or perhaps show me a example of how it should be done?

I am following this : Tutorial link

serviceUrl + ‘/p/’ + partnerId + ‘/sp/’ + partnerId + ‘00/playManifest/entryId/’ + entryId + ‘/flavorIds/’ + flavorIds.join(’,’) + ‘/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8?ks=’ + ks + ‘&referrer=’ + base64_encode(application_name)

I am able to fill in most of the information except flavorIds(is it the converted video asset ID?), do we need ks if there are no restrictions / limitations set, as well as referrer using base64_encode.

I’m pulling my hair out because of this as i can’t seem to find any tutorials/examples for kaltura, any help will seriously be greatly appreciated!!

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