Storage limits Kaltura 12.9.0

How can I set storage limits to a Kaltura CE 12.9.0 cluster, as in the current deplyment scenario seems that users have no limit, they can upload untill they servers run out of space. Again my question would be how can I impose some kind of storage limits.
Also is there a way to remove the users content from ssh, and also deleting the entries from the database, because if i’m not mistaken even if i delete the content the entries will still be there…

Jacob R

Hi @razvan_iacob,

We do not enforce a hard quota limitation but you could easily write a script that uses the report API, get the storage report and block the partner if a certain quota was exceeded.

You can find a script for that on your Kaltura Server: /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/batch/batchPartnerUsage.php
Note that blocking the partner would mean no API calls can be made, it is not limited to upload/ingestion APIs.

As for deleting the files from disk:
Under Admin Console->Publishers->your partner->configure, you can set “Purge files on deletion” which would trigger the deletion of files from the disk if the entry has been marked as deleted in the DB [which will happen when calling the delete action].
Bear in mind that this operation cannot be reversed.
If you wish to selectively and manually purge files associated with deleted entries, see my reply here: