Source file on our Kaltura server

its is possible ?

We need to store only Source file on our Kaltura server rest all the flavors files need to be stored on CDN. This will reduce the storage size of our NFS


Yes, it is:)
Go to Admin console, and under the relevant partner’s row, in the ‘Profiles’ checkbox, select ‘Remote Storage’ and go to the relevant remote storage profile, scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and check only the flavours you’d like to export to CDN.

That should do it.


We have followed the suggest process but flavor files successfully uploaded on CDN and my server too.

Please suggest us to flavor files are uploaded only on CDN not our server.

Ah, re-reading your question, I see I understood it backwards:) I thought you want to only export some flavours to CDN in order to save space on it, whereas, in fact you are instead trying to only keep specific flavours on your local NFS.

You can use the “Delete exported storage from Kaltura” option under “Remote Storage Policy” which is available from the configure option in the “Actions” selectbox in your partner row, in which case you would also need to change “Delivery Policy” to “Remote storage only”.

Note that this means functionality such as reconverting the entries will not function, as well as thumbnail creation.

Thanks jess,

We are using attached process to video delivery, but issue is that, when video is not fetched from CDN so automatically its not able to fetched from Kaltura. please suggest any way to achieve this.


Sorry but I did not understand your last post… can you please rephrase?

Hello Jess,

its different issue.
Actually video delivery is done by priority-wise, first from CDN than Kaltura (if video file not exist on CDN).
but in our case problem is, when video file not exists on CDN than file automatically not fetched from Kaltura file system.
it should be deliver from Kaltura if video file not found on CDN.

this is my issue, please let me know if any concern.

If you want to use Kaltura local storage as fallback then you cannot delete any of the flavours from it.
In such a case, you need to set ‘Delivery Policy’ to ‘Remote storage first’ and make sure ‘delete exported storage from Kaltura’ is unchecked.

Hello Jess,

Is this possible to store only Source file on Kaltura server and rest all the flavor files are on CDN?

No, but that would not help you in any case. Because the player does not make requests for the source, it makes requests for the relevant flavour. Therefore, if it does not exist on the Kaltura local storage and cannot be served from CDN, it will simply not be served.