Setting up Remote Storage Profile for CloudFront - Delivery Details options missing!

Hi All,

I have installed Kaltura Community Edition on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AWS instance and can access the KMC and Admin Console fine.

I am now following the steps (on to hook this up with my Amazon S3 Bucket via CloudFront:

But wierdly when I get to the setp to configure the Remote Storage PRofile, there are no input boxes for the CDN specifc details, where it asks for HTTP(S) Delivery Base URL. The only fields I can see are for Delivery Profile Ids (JSON) and Files Permission In S3.

I have set this up a new publisher for this and a new remote storage profile, using protocol Amazon S3 Protocol.

Any ideas would be really appreciated !



Please take a look here and let me know should you require further assistance:


A web configuration for this part via our admin_console is on our roadmap.

Thanks for the reply…not sure that quite solves what I am looking for but I will give it another read!

We have now got it working so adding a video to Kalutra front-end uploads the relevant flavours to our S3 bucket.

What it doesn’t do is sync in the other direction, which is what w will also need. For example we automatically populate videos into a certain directory in our S3 bucket and we’d like this to appear in Kaltura as well. Is it possible to keep the two in sync?




You can configure a drop folder. This way, the Kaltura system will retrieve what you have in your dropbox and upload it to Kaltura. This can be done when choosing ‘drop folders’ in the ‘publishers’ tab of admin_console under the ‘Profiles’ column. However, it only works on SFTP and FTP. I am not sure but I think S3 can be accessed over SFTP.


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